1. What are superfoods? 

Superfoods are nutrient rich foods that contain good amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polyphenols.


2. What are the benefits of using fruit powder instead of fresh fruits?

Excellent question. Fruit powder allows us to do things that we cannot do with fresh fruit! It helps us add concentrated flavor without the moisture and volume that comes with using fresh fruit. It also boosts nutrition value of the foods along with cutting down overall sugar content.  Few spoonfuls is all you will need to sweeten/thicken your desserts. Research studies suggests that if there is one thing we should stay away from is - refined sugar. Over the years fruit powders have become a healthy choice for a natural sugar substitute.


3. What is sapota (sapodilla) fruit powder and how can I use it? 

Sapota fruit has a gray/brown, sandy, kiwi fruit-like outer surface but without the fuzziness. Ripe sapotas are soft and has an extremely sweet taste - something like brown sugar. Hence sapota fruit powder acts as an excellent natural sweetener. Use it in smoothies, milkshakes, fruit salads, to get a unique flavor. Sapota smoothie is one of our favorites!


4. What are different ways I can use pomegranate powder?

Pomegranate powder can enhance sweet and savory dishes with the distinct sweet-tart flavor of pomegranate along with awesome nutrients found in this wonderful fruit.  As with other fruit powders you can always add it to smoothies, juices, milkshakes, muffins. You can also add it to salad dressings or to your favorite herbal tea. It can also act as a natural food coloring agent with its nice pink shade! Add it to curries and stews just before serving to give a bit of a sweet-tart flavor.

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