Makhanas (Fox nuts / Popped water lily seeds), Organic, GMO-Free, Additive-Free

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Our Premium Jumbo-Grade Phool Makhanas (also known as fox nuts/popped water lily seeds) are a perfect healthy snack that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.  It is a natural source of plant-based protein as well as many other vital vitamins & minerals.

Makhanas have low glycemic index with almost no cholesterol, fat, sugar and sodium. It's also rich in antioxidants and possess anti-aging properties.

We offer 2 versions for our premium organic makhanas:
1. Dry-Roasted, ready-to-eat
2. Plain/uUnseasoned

Suggested uses:

  • crispy snack 
  • toppings for cereal bowl
  • post-workout protein bites

Known Benefits: 

  • Regulate blood sugar, blood pressure.
  • Anti-aging properties, improve skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles
  • Aid in weight loss by making you feel fuller for longer time
  • Protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.



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